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Learn to Draw in Perspective

Dear Friends ~

If you missed our offers at the last FPEA show, here is another opportunity to take advantage of this great offer.  If you already have Drawing Book I, and Book II, call us to discuss what you would like to accomplish and we will help you set up a plan.  In the meantime, view these  book choices and their special offers…

Here are THREE special choices to keep you art career growing! 

Choice 1 – $99.00. Save $45.
  1. Botanical Drawing I, Volume 1
  2. Course Companion Manual Pak #1
  3. Perplexi®
  4. Perspective Without Pain by Phil Metzger
  5. Academy Canvas Bag
  6. Includes shipping in the USA
  7. Plus 7% tax for Florida Residents
Choice 2  – $99.00.  Save $45. 
  1. Botanical Drawing III, Volume 3
  2. Course Companion Manual Pak #3b
  3. Course Companion Manual Pak #3a
  4. Field Math Kit
  5. Five Tombow Pencils
  6. One Tombow Eraser Stick
  7. Includes shipping in the USA
  8. Plus 7% tax for Florida Residents
Choice 3  – $99.00. Save $45.
  1. Botanical Watercolor I, Volume 5
  2. Course Companion Manual Pak #5
  3. Two #2 Raphaël Kolinsky Red Sable Round Watercolor Brushes
  4. Two Small Palettes
  5. One Folding Palette
  6. Five Tombow Pencils
  7. One Tombow Eraser Stick
  8. Includes shipping in the USA
  9. Plus 7% tax for Florida Residents

Also, there are TWO other SPECIALS on books and supplies you may not have already purchased.  Please take a look on our website here: Seasonal Specials !

“Learn to Draw in Perspective”

This package includes

five class lessons with numerous exercises

that provide the necessary techniques

to begin drawing with confidence!

This five-class study format is perfect for all levels as it lays the foundation for a wonderful study of the French Court Tradition of botanical art and illustration.  Book comes with Course Material Pak in support of Volume 1 – Botanical Drawing I and contains a full picture layout of study process and presentation as well as other helpful information.

$99.00 – A $45 savings!

  1. Drawing Book Volume I
  2.  Drawing I Course Pak #1
  3. Perplexi® – A Drawing Aid
  4. Perspective Without Pain by Phil Metzger
  5. Large Canvas Academy Bag
  6. Includes Shipping in the U.S.A.
  7. Plus 7% Tax for Florida Residents



The Perplexi® is a visual aid to understanding dimensional concepts like foreshortening, depth, and proportion.  It is a modern adaption of earlier grid inventions developed in the 15th century and used by many artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and Albrecht Durer to name only a few. The Kit comes with a wood block, a sheet of Plexiglas , paper and plastic grids, a washable marker, and instructions entitled, “Un-Perplexing the Perplexi®” by O.M. Braida©.

See the Perplexi® Explained here:

Short Perplexi® Video Clip here:

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