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Passage to Cuba by Penelle – Just Published!!!!

Dear Friends:

It has been an interesting summer – with travel to Hawaii, California, and time to catch up on some good books.

Here’s one I thought you might have fun reading – Just be the ticket to armchair travel and suspense – what a ride!




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Against forbidding seas and the beautiful Cuban landscape, an ancient artifact draws an American search team into a web of history and intrigue.

Cuba for Americans was the earliest of our exotic vacationlands; vibrant and seductive – just a stone’s throw from U.S. doors. While offering visitors a unique and rich culture, the people of Cuba lived through eras of colonialism, imperialism and despotism. Nonetheless, today finds the gentle people of Cuba forged into a mettle of graceful resilience. In its 21st century reality, Cuba teeters between a memory and a promise. This story brings us into the minds and hearts of people experiencing change.

Four Americans cross dangerous seas and into intricate corners of the Cuban Republic. They search for something lost, an icon —- a Masque that will bring honor back to a people. Revenge distorts the objective along the unfolding scenic views as human encounters reveal complex realities. ~~~ The story sparkles with history, revisionism, suspense and love. Most of all, it is a discovery of old and new, and the best in us — that man may endure.



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Passage to Cuba is part of the Lana Victoria Bell Adventure-Suspense Series; stories that take characters and plot through landscapes and intrigue. Penelle has also produced six major city travelogues as well as numerous news articles. Her background includes administration in the newsroom of Radio Free Europe and international tourism. She credits her wanderlust spirit to her father’s storytelling and her business assignments to world famous destinations in conjunction with Pan American World Airways, and subsequent International Tour leadership. The author visited Cuba on several assignments for President Eisenhower’s People-to-People programs.


Watch for her next book:


There are many stories in The City of Light;  literary, artistic, wild, romantic and….
There are even more secrets in Paris, some ordinary, some clandestine, some dangerous….
This novel brings characters face to face with a mystery of midnight whispers and the most secret of places….?

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Remember to check class schedules.  Classes and Workshops this season are in Studio 20, Selby Gardens, and Boca Granda Art Alliance.

Hope to see you!  God bless. OM



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