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Rights of Laughter

Studio News ~ May 2017

Dear Friends:

Today, as I sit to write to all of you, I spot a poem by Hafiz in a book by Daniel Ladinsky.   Born 1948, Ladinsky is considered one of America’s greatest poets.  He has spent the past 20 years devoted to interpreting the mystical poetry of Persian Sufi Hafiz, Rumi, and others.  Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he spent extensive time in a spiritual community at Meherabad, in western India, where he worked in a rural clinic free to the poor and lived with the intimate disciples and family of Meher Baba. I have listed the books below with added links for your reference.


In his books, Ladinsky makes it clear that his writings are not actual translations of the Persian, but rather “renderings.”  His approach is to be “faithful to the living spirit” of these great mystic poets. I have had the good fortune to read all of Ladinsky’s works and dwell in the sweetness of these tender conversations with God.  You will find the poems so dear and friendly, you will feel that you, too, are in conversation with Hafiz, with Daniel, with God.  Some of the verses are so straightforward and direct that you immediately want to own the message. In two words, Hafiz sums up what our approach to life can be, “Act Great” he says.  How could we but do anything else?


The beauty of these messengers reveals how grace is always unfolding.  A magnificent breath-full “ah-hah,” gently moves awareness to a new birthplace.  It is a miracle of inner growth.  The eternal spring within each of us that not only leaves behind that which has lain dormant, or died, but welcomes the new dawn with open arms.  As I read over and over again all those “fuzzy” messages, I am always struck by something new.  A broader awareness of their meaning.  Oh, blessed clarity, what Grace, what joy!  Glorious, happy spring is an opportunity to awaken or find fresh ideas with faith and laughter as the forerunner for pilgrims who journey to the threshold of the Lord.


Rights of Laughter

O God, I’m laughing

Hear me laughing

Thun’drous belly laughs

Praising won’drous things

O God, I’m laughing

Watch me laughing

Great rolls of laughter

For the joy love brings!

Oh God, I’m laughing

Such grateful laughing

Impassioned tear-drop laughs

Landing on dove wings

Oh God, I’m laughing

Now you, too, are laughing

These contagious, outrageous laughs

Rights born of Heaven’s Kings.

By OM Braida


And so, as I bundle up my latest epiphanies, I look forward and smile at the miracle of God’s watchful eye.  I am grateful that we are not alone, and laugh heartily that we have such a friend as this reminding us we are all on the precipice of greatness.



Along this ridge, I stand – cautiously.

The precipice in clear view.

The creative power of nature and time,

An aspect of the unknown,

For the fool in search of experience.

I look inward and upward

Childlike, I tune into the inner workings.

What lies deeply inside me?

What limits do I have, do I need?


Fear the eloquent trickster nipping at my heels –

The staple of every garden.

Only at such adverse places

does humankind change

It’s only at the precipice we change

Pushed to a place of sight, of anticipation,

I change


The view so clear from this vantage point

The wings of my soul reach for a distant paradise

At the edge of achieving passage, I am joyful

I don’t just leap toward Divine Mercy

I take flight


By OM Braida

God Bless. OM



Blessed Holidays and Happy Spring to All!




Soul Biz

Your daily life is your temple and your religion.

 Kahlil Gibran


Neither a lofty degree of intelligence

nor imagination nor both together

go to the making of genius.

Love, Love, love that is the soul of genius.

W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)


The mind is like a parachute.

It doesn’t work unless it’s open.





3 Responses to “Rights of Laughter”

  1. Bonnie Lea Townsend says:

    I loved your own poems, Olivia. Rights of Laughter made me smile 🙂

  2. Leslie says:

    Love this beautiful message!

  3. Pat Frost says: