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TRAVELING TO DEATH – Murder In The Rockies by Penelle.

Press Release  –

Just Published!!!!


TRAVELING TO DEATH – Murder In The Rockies.

 A Lana Bell Suspense by PENELLE © 2013


Penell Skinner PhotoAuthor, Penelle Braida-Skinner


Escape the humdrum

and travel with a fast-paced

wide-world adventure.

Perhaps, even cure what ails!!

 For the traveling enthusiast who loves a fun read, follow a Sarasota, Florida author whose personal experiences lend structure to this story-twist on adventure.  Meet a modern heroine, Lana Victoria Bell who must face her own realities while leading a travel group through nature’s perilous places. Dodge a stalker on the loose along the cool Canadian-American border and its rugged Rocky Mountain Region.

Join eighteen different personalities as they risk,


Traveling to Death image

  Book Excerpt –

“The theatre doors shut behind me and I was alone, save for a guard inside the vestibule.

Neither he nor the Native American representative on-site knew anything about

my lost traveler. I was alarmed.

Emerging back into the heat, I searched all four sides of the large building.

Then I covered every inch of the parking lot, peering into empty cars and

finding our coach closed down.

Under the hot afternoon sun, from the large lot to the long fenced perimeter, nothing moved.

 I stood still, watching the distortion of heat waves lifting from the dam’s face.

A gentle roar from the forceful river below came into consciousness.

It became louder with my fear… and the mask appeared….”



~~Come Along! ~~Penell on ship ~~ Get packing! ~~

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