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Wow, what a Discovery!!!!! Take a Look ~



Dear Friends:

Perhaps you will all agree that “things” in general always seem to have a hidden plan waiting for us to discover it.  If it weren’t for the fact that I went looking for someone to “fix” my rather large and clumsy microscope, I never would have made the most marvelous discovery.  I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to obtain for themselves the absolutely best microscope that just happens to be portable so you can use it for field work.  As chance would have it, my search for a fix-it man lead me to the door of Brock Optical where I, and my student Marilyn,  had the great pleasure to meet microscope inventor, Dennis Brock, and his darling wife, Jennifer. With absolute devotion to his craft, and a brilliant mind, Dennis proceeded to show Marilyn and I how easy to use and incredibly powerful his Magiscope® is.  After 40 minutes or so, both Marilyn and I were sold on the product and proudly walked out the door with our new prize.  I asked Dennis to share his story with all of you, so that you can take advantage of this marvelous microscope.  Frankly, I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to own one, and if you happen to have children, Yikes!, they will flip for this – in fact it might just be the very thing to get them off their I-Phone’s and Tablets and out into nature.

God bless. OM


Hibiscus Flower

Hello Everyone,

It gives me great pleasure to share my story with you.   As fate would have it, this is my fortieth year in microscopy. I started in Philadelphia, with its five medical schools and world class microelectronics industry. I worked for a Carl Zeiss dealer and then a Leitz dealer before moving to Florida. There, I worked for dealers in Zeiss, Leitz, Wild, and Nikon. I repaired and modified everything from surgical microscopes to metallurgical scopes. U of F and FSU were my territories and I got to meet some world class scientists like the botanists Dr. Indra Vasil who published some photographs I took for him. Frankly, I can repair any microscope on the planet.

From the beginning, I was profoundly aware that toys were being sold as microscopes. Even the real microscopes were completely inadequate for field use or a variety of disciplines. On top of all that, the American made microscope had become obsolete and a new direction was needed. What was needed to make the perfect microscope was a fool proof light source requiring no electronics of any kind, using only available light, in doors or out without concern for maintenance or alignment. The ideal scope would have only one moving part, without knobs, rack and pinion, or anything that always breaks. The perfect machine would work on any type of specimen providing light from above and below without thought. It would also use standard microscope lenses that have been in existences for centuries, to farther expand magnification range. In addition to all the above, it should be tough as nails and function outdoors where life is.

Essentially, the perfect microscope would unplug and unleash the observer to view anything, anywhere, and by anyone young or old. With all of that in mind, I created the Brock Magiscope twenty seven years ago.  My basic Magiscope costs $179.00 and was used for the majority of the shots in this blog at its 20 X configuration (package 1.) I used a higher power objective to achieve 50 X (package 2 has 20 and 50 X  $204.00). Higher magnification can be achieved by adding a 10 X eye piece (package 3 $229.00) Even higher magnifications are available.

Every Magiscope is built by the Brock family here in the USA, one at a time by hand. People familiar with handmade guitars know that they may pay 10 times more for one made by hand then for one made on a factory assembly line. We’ve seen many copies come and go over the years, and they were all made with the same thing in mind- making their product as cheaply as possible. We build instruments designed to last for generations.

I am presently working on a smart phone photo adapter which is my third generation of camera adapters. I used it to take the shots in this blog and should make it available to the public soon. It should also be simple, rugged, and last forever like the Magiscope.

Since 1987, we have set the standard for all those to follow.

Lets take a close unplugged look through my Brock Magiscope….

Cutting Hibiscus OvaryHibiscus OvaryDissection










HibiscusovaryonStageHibiscus Ovary20XMag










StainedHibiscusMealyBugs  MountingHibiscus




















Cutting a Leaf Photo Leaf Under Scope

























If you think you would like to order your Magiscope, just give us a call, we are always happy to share our good news.

Dennis Brock,
Creator of the Magiscope
CEO of Brock Optical Inc.

1959 Barber Road
Sarasota, FL  34240
PH: 941-342-7727
Toll Free: 800-780-9111
Fax: 941-378-9046

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  1. Mike Zak says:

    Thanks for sharing, looks and sounds great.